How do you hook up two car amps

Article How to Wire Multiple Amps in Your Car - Lifewire Just a matter of working out how to split the RCAs and power/remote wires? Good luck with yours mate I have two 12" 4 ohm sony xplods and i want to hook them up to two amps. May 16, 2016. I'm thinking about upgrading my car audio system, but I'm a little fuzzy on amp wiring. Can I hook up two amps, or even more, or am I better off.

Amplifier wiring diagram - Crutchfield I fure that I get another JBL GTO4000 amp and bridge both subs off it and then buy another pair of 6x9s and wire them up to the GTO6000. This simplified diagram shows how a full-blown car audio system upgrade gets wired in a car. The system includes a 4-channel amp for the front and rear pairs.

How To Strap Two Amps Together, Double Your Power. - Sonic. The other amp is a 1 channel rockford power amp that is also 2,4 ohm stable. Car Amplifiers, Car Audio and Video Car Audio/Video. it is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE that you ONLY ‘strap’ two. DO NOT USE THE PAIR OF RCAS LABELED.

Quick guide to matching subs & amps How to put together the best. I have the same problem, I currently have two 10inch kicker comp subs (4ohm), a pair of JBL GTO 935e 6x9s, and some kicker components all running off a JBL GTO6000 amp (6 channel) this amp is really meant for running 4 speakers and one sub so I need another amp for the subs. A single sub is pretty easy to hook up, there are a lot of reasonably priced. Wire two 4-ohm DVC subs this way, add a 2-channel amp, and your car will be the.

Installing Multiple Car Audio Amplifiers The 300w amp has speaker level inputs and rca inputs (one pair) while the 800w amp has only rca inputs (one pair). Installing Multiple Amplifiers. Do you ground everything to the. Most 12 volt relays can supply up to 30 amps of current which is more than enough for all.

How do you hook up two car amps:

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